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TBeH Around 1978, Tercilio Boeris, accompanied by his children, founded a family business in Las Varillas, Córdoba Province, Argentina. It began as a shop to manufacture and repair cylinders and hydraulic equipment. They would later go on to manufacture a fully hydraulic drag leveler. The experience of those early years led to the incorporation of different tools filling out a full line of equipment especially for soil movement. An important line of products for a demanding market. Road authorities, municipalities, towns, road consortiums, service and maintenance companies, in addition to the demand of rural producers, created for TBeH a market where the demand favored the integral and serial production of units, which year after year, multiplied, leading to a strong leadership position in this market. After 2000 and with a permanent growth and development, the company began to export to different markets, reaching New Zealand and Australia; South Africa and Angola; Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia. Engineering and technology are incorporated in line with new demands. And it has an important commercial structure composed of a network of dealers across the country. In early 2014, an ambitious project emerged: a new plant. Today, the new 2500m² metalworking industrial plant is fully operational. The company incorporated new manufacturing processes like cutting and folding of sheet metal, machining of parts, manufacturing, assembly and painting with certified processes, ensuring total reliability, quality, and guarantee/warranty. Committed to the future and aware of our achievements to date, we are looking forward to the next challenge: Manufacturing self-propelled equipment. With the same passion from when we first started, today, we continue with a culture of work and effort, full awareness of quality and guarantee; and our commitment to each client. There is a team, there is determination, there is a gratitude for what has been achieved, there is confidence in the future, and there is hope at the beginning of each undertaking. TBeH. Every time a path is made, progress is made.

Export trajectory:

TBeH began to export its products in 2002. It first ventured into neighboring countries before reaching markets in Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica.

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