Knowledge expressed through our Know-How.

Quality Production with Technology and Adaptability.

Commitment, Support and Listening to Customers and Sales Channels.

Relationships based on a Circle of Trust and Cooperation.


To satisfy the agricultural machinery needs of agricultural producers in various regions of the world, where agricultural machinery and quality agricultural components are essential for greater production and profitability, enabling the incorporation of advanced technology in the production of the field. Addressing it in a highly EFFICIENT way through research and development, production, export of our products and after-sales service.
Consolidated with an adequate marketing and logistics structure. Counting with products adapted to the requirements of each market. Providing services and spare parts with high competitiveness in the markets in which we operate.
Differentiating ourselves through our knowledge, experience and technology.


Join forces to generate collective actions to effectively address the Global Export Market of Agricultural Machinery and Agrocomponents, assisting customers with quality solutions for their products the support they seek.

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